Session Notes: August Learning Session Storing our Digital Lives: Mac filesystems from MFS to APFS Rich Trouton, HHMI MFS – Macintosh File System Once upon a time: Macintosh File System. Introduced resource forks: * Graphical data stored on disks (floppy) * Enabled easier localization through multiple language objectst inside a fork. * Simplified application distro. Stored metadata needed to support the OS.

Presentations: iOS 9.3 Preview Presentation by: Tom Bridge iOS 9.3, now in beta (available from, is a massive release for those people who are managing iPads in an institutional setting, especially from the educational standpoint. With iOS 9.3, iPads can now be assigned to multiple users who can sign in & sign out and maintain their data on the device. Apple has released a website with all the features of iOS 9.3 that has some information, but much of the information is yet to come through briefings with your representatives at Apple. It is my understanding that iOS 9.3’s main features for classrooms will require an MDM of some sort, as well as Device Enrollment Program setup for the[…]