Notes from 2014-11-13 Meetup

What’s new with iOS 8 and Yosemite



  • Continuity
    • Great, now all three devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone) ring with every call
    • SMS from Messages on OSX (for your Android Friends). Watch out for the “to” section.
  • Handoff –
  • Instant Hotspot – Can’t get this to work. Tried this post to fix without success.
  • Airdrop – Option to be “discovered by: Contacts Only”
  • iCloud Drive – Requirements for iOS 8 and Yosemite to be both installed in order to utilize.
  • Distribution pkg format – Open source items that allow custom PKGs effected
    • CreateOSXInstallPkg?
    • AutoCasperNBI?
    • CreateUserPKG?
  • FileVault prompt during Setup Assistant
  • SMB3 everywhere (Goto Server and Finder)


  • SystemStarter – This used to trigger /etc/rc.local and /etc/rc.shutdown.local. YOU MUST USE LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons the right way. See man launchd and man launchctl.
  • /etc/hostconfig – This effected MySQL for any Casper Users


  • DARK MODE (Sys Pref => General)
    • defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist AppleInterfaceStyle Dark effects Dock
    • sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist _HIEnableThemeSwitchHotKey -bool true enables keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + T)
  • Safari
    • defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ CanPromptForPushNotifications -bool no
    • defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ ShowFullURLInSmartSearchField -bool 1

Trouble Items

Is anyone having these issues?

  • WiFi?
  • Renaming w/ (1), (2), (3), (etc)
    • JAMF Nation references kbase
  • Exchange and Mail
  • Kerberos (Marzack [Google] and Justin [PSU] tweets)

iOS 8



  • Device names can be set remotely from a administrative console
  • Administrators can prevent users from adding their own restrictions
  • Administrators can also disable users’ ability to locally erase, reset or wipe devices
  • last time a device was backed up to iCloud
  • Passcodes for specific apps


  • JAMF National User Conference
    • Videos are now available!
  • MacTech



Research More

  • Airdrop – Option to be “discovered by: Contacts Only”
  • SMB3 everywhere! (which MS Server? 2003, 2008, 2012?)

MacDMV November & December Meetings

We’re excited to see everyone tomorrow night (November 13th) at Greenfield Belser downtown (1818 N St NW in Washington DC) to talk about Yosemite and iOS 8 and what their arrival has brought both to your organizations’ IT departments and to your Users. We’ll be talking about new features and challenges, as well as the direction of Mac IT, and a summary of MacTech’s conference in LA.

Sign up to let us know if you’re coming, and you will be entered into a drawing for a copy of Arek Dreyer’s book on Managing Apple Devices!

We’ll also be meeting up in Silver Spring on December 4th, at McGinty’s Public House, so save the date!

MacDMV Social: Hard Times Cafe on Oct 30, 2014

Hi all,

DC Mac Admins are meeting up Thursday 30 October 2014 at 6pm until 8pm or so at:

Hard Times
3028 Wilson Blvd
Arlington VA 22201,-77.094789,17z/

We’ll be talking about Yosemite, new iOS challenges, Bushel, and whatever else strikes our fancy. Come on out. We don’t have reservations, but we’ll be at the upstairs bar. This is meant to be a social gathering, with a technical briefing style meeting to occur in November.

We’ll have a reasonable bar tab thanks to our friends at Technolutionary LLC.


Tom & Justin

MacDMV meets up with MacTech on June 24th

Mark your calendars for Tuesday June 24th and Wednesday June 25th. MacTech’s regional event in Washington, D.C. is at the Sheraton Four Points on K Street downtown, and we’ll be sandwiching our June meeting right between their Office Certification on Thursday afternoon and the main event on Wednesday.

Tuesday night, June 24th will be the next MacDMV Event. We’re still sorting out the location, but we’ll be near to the Metro in the District to take advantage of the large gathering of Mac and iOS Sysadmins in the DC area.

This year’s event has sessions on PKI and certificates, the expanding world of AppleID, Profiles and how to use them, WiFi: Best Practices & Deployment, and two sessions on security. There’s also a free Office Certification on Tuesday afternoon, as well. You won’t find a better event without having to drive, and, especially ahead of PSU Mac Admins in July, this is a great way to get some advanced knowledge to understand more sessions at PSUMA.

We’ll have an announcement early this week with locations and signups!

Join our mailing list, or email tom at macdmv dot com, for a massive discount code for the MacTech Bootcamp!

May 1st Meet-up Recap

Thanks to everyone that was able to join our 2nd “technical” MacDMV session. We had a couple of great presenters, and the best thing was the crowd was VERY interactive asking great questions, bringing in their own experience, and providing suggestions throughout the night.


First up was Scott Secrest from JAMF Software discussing Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and how the Casper Suite utilizes these new available features. Check out Justin’s website on lessons learned with AppleIDs and DEP/VPP, along with notes from the MacDMV session.


Second was Tom Bridge discussing his newly created script called “Munki in a Box“. Tom outlined his logic for quickly getting Munki installed and running in a consistent manner for either first time users and/or consultants who need to deploy Munki in a consistent way on a regular bases. Checkout his repo on GitHub!

Lastly, we want to send a special thank you to Greenfield/Belser for providing us with an amazing location.

May 1st: DEP with JAMF, Munki in a Box

We’re set for this Thursday at Greenfield Belser, and here’s the schedule:

6:30 – Arrivals, Socializing, Catch-up and Introductions
6:45 – JAMF Software on DEP and the Mac Ecosystem, with demonstrations
7:15(ish) – Munki In a Box
7:45 – Open Floor
8:00 – Adjourn to a nearby place to eat/drink/be merry.

How to get to Greenfield Belser:

GB Map

(Click for larger version)

GB is located at 1818 N St NW in DC. This is just a block and a half from the South Entrance of Dupont Circle Metro (Red Line). Metro will be your easiest bet. However, there is also metered street parking on N St NW, Sunderland Pl, and 19th Street (starting at 6:30), and there are two garages within two blocks that will have cheaper evening rates for parking: One next to Levante’s on 19th just south of the Circle, and one next to Rumors, just south of M Street NW. There are others, definitely, but those are the two I know have evening rates

Please RSVP so that we know you’re coming and can plan for your arrival.

Afterwards, we’ll adjourn to Big Hunt for those interested in a beer or some dinner, or there’s also Luna Grill and Diner, Buffalo Billiards, The Front Page, and numerous other spots within a block or two.

We’re excited to see everyone on Thursday!

Next Meeting: May 1st 2014! DEP, Munki in a Box and More!

Hello everyone!

After our low-key social meetup at Right Proper Brewing Company, we’re back to a more technical run-of-show for our next meeting! May 1st will be our next meeting, and we’ve got two great tech talks for everyone!

Talk 1: DEP and Casper

Apple’s new DEP program is a fascinating new take on how to pre-enroll your Apple devices (iOS and Mac OS X) with MDM solutions, and we’ll have on-hand  Scott Secrest, a Senior Systems Engineer from JAMF Software to talk about how DEP is integrating with Casper environments and how that will work. Much of this knowledge will apply to other MDM systems as well, but we’ll be talking specifically about Casper.

Talk 2: Munki in a Box

While the open source Munki management system is a powerhouse, getting it into your environment may not be the easiest thing. Enter Munki in a Box, a new open source deployment script that leverages AutoPKG and MunkIReport-PHP to go from no management system to a functional Munki installation with AutoPKG integration, installed and imported packages, and a default manifest and catalog. This is useful for setting up Munki in a programmatic and common fashion using an easy-to-modify script that is reusable.

Location: Greenfield Belser, 1818 N St NW, Suite 110, Washington DC 20036


Special thanks to member Nanther Thangarajah for volunteering the space! GB is located just one block from Dupont Circle Metro  on the Red Line. There is cheap evening parking in nearby garages available for the after hours fees, we’ll have details on this in our follow-up on Monday.


p>Please RSVP By Email! Let us know that you’re coming, please! There’s no cost to attend, but it’s incredibly helpful to know who’s coming so we can prepare.