Next Meeting: May 1st 2014! DEP, Munki in a Box and More!

Hello everyone!

After our low-key social meetup at Right Proper Brewing Company, we’re back to a more technical run-of-show for our next meeting! May 1st will be our next meeting, and we’ve got two great tech talks for everyone!

Talk 1: DEP and Casper

Apple’s new DEP program is a fascinating new take on how to pre-enroll your Apple devices (iOS and Mac OS X) with MDM solutions, and we’ll have on-hand  Scott Secrest, a Senior Systems Engineer from JAMF Software to talk about how DEP is integrating with Casper environments and how that will work. Much of this knowledge will apply to other MDM systems as well, but we’ll be talking specifically about Casper.

Talk 2: Munki in a Box

While the open source Munki management system is a powerhouse, getting it into your environment may not be the easiest thing. Enter Munki in a Box, a new open source deployment script that leverages AutoPKG and MunkIReport-PHP to go from no management system to a functional Munki installation with AutoPKG integration, installed and imported packages, and a default manifest and catalog. This is useful for setting up Munki in a programmatic and common fashion using an easy-to-modify script that is reusable.

Location: Greenfield Belser, 1818 N St NW, Suite 110, Washington DC 20036


Special thanks to member Nanther Thangarajah for volunteering the space! GB is located just one block from Dupont Circle Metro  on the Red Line. There is cheap evening parking in nearby garages available for the after hours fees, we’ll have details on this in our follow-up on Monday.


p>Please RSVP By Email! Let us know that you’re coming, please! There’s no cost to attend, but it’s incredibly helpful to know who’s coming so we can prepare.

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