MacDMV February 2014 Meetup

I hope you’re all prepped and ready for Wednesday night’s snow event! The more I see from the weather forecast models, the less I understand, but I hear it could be a doozy! But, there will be plenty of time to dig out before the next MacDMV meeting which is slated for Wednesday February 19th at 6:30pm at the 14th Street location of Cove DC. Our friends at Cove are going to have sodas out, and we’ll bring some light munchies, but we’ve got two really great presentations on deck for you!

First up is MacDMV co-founder Justin Rummel, who will be presenting on the new Volume Purchase Program that Apple has been rolling out for iOS environments. If you haven’t seen the new updates to the program, this will be a great way to learn about the new assignable applications, managing many Apple IDs and other good stuff!

Second up is MacDMV member Gareth Digby, who will be talking about using virtualization to teach computer forensics in a Mac classroom environment, including a lively discussion of the various toolsets that he uses in this Mac-hosted environment.  Gareth will give the reasoning behind the approach that he has taken and some of the reasons things are the way they are in order to explain the computer system architectural context to the students.  The presentation will draw out the educational and pedagogical aspects of the decisions that have been made so that others setting up a teaching environment are able to understand some of the trades that have made between technology and education.

We’ll also have a good discussion forum for folks to share some of what they’re working on, as well as ask questions and socialize. Then, for those wanting to head out for dinner, there’s Matchbox Pizza across the street and up a couple blocks!

Please email / tweet with an RSVP, if you’d be so kind. Also, if you need to be added to our email distro, let us know!

Cove DC is located at:

1624 14th St NW
2nd Floor
Washington DC 20005

apple maps:


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